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Malaysia Borneo, Sabah, Gaya Island  马来西亚婆罗州  沙巴州属加雅

Pulau Gaya is a sizeable Malaysian island of 1,465 ha, just 10 minutes off Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The large and mainly uninhabited portion of island is protected as part of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, and the surface is undeveloped, although the eastern shore supports a well-known illegal Filipino colony, called Kampung Pondo, with stilt houses girdling the beach as far as the eye can see. The federal and the state governments do not officially recognize them. The island has 6,000 floating population of largely Suluks, Bajau, Ubian and Filipinos who provide Kota Kinabalu with cheap labour.


The five islands just off her shores make up the national marine park of Tunku Abdul Rahman and are home to numerous species including the Hornbill Toucan, Monitor Lizard, Macaque Monkey and countless underwater delights. Gayana is nestled into the tropical wildness of the largest of the five islands, Pulau Gaya. It is only here that one is caressed by gentle, lapping waters of the South China Sea and senses are awakened by the sounds and mystery of the primordial jungle.


Gaya Island is located just 10 minutes from the city of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and is a part of the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. The Gaya Island is in fact the largest island which is part of the national park. The name Gaya came from a Bajau word 'Gayo' which means big. The island is 3,700 acres in size and has an elevation of up to 300 meters.

东故亚都拉曼海洋公园的加雅岛是群岛中面积最大的一座,达到3,665英亩,距离沙巴首府亚庇约15英里. 它有16英里长的海岸线, 沿岸布满洁白的沙滩, 平斜的没入洁净海水中,是理想的游泳, 潜水或浮潜地点.綿白細緻的沙灘則是進行日光浴的好地點. 海岸上尚未受破坏的沼泽林地,有许多木棧小道路可供漫步;而进入内陆还有红树森林,使你有机会了解林内各种不同的动植物.

加雅岛上有一座国际水准的渡假村,提供豪华住宿. 岛上皆设有更衣室, 厕所, 野餐凉亭与桌子可供白天游乐使用. 午餐在水上餐厅享用中式合菜, 在这里让您置身于温暖的阳光,迷人的海景里,伴您渡过美好的海上假期.加雅岛犹如另外一个世界,在这里您可尽情喂食在清澈海水底下的热带鱼群,其鱼群之多足以让您大开眼界,让您了解海底下种种的生物,同时您可在岛上的细白沙滩上散步,游泳或浮潜..等等.


Malaysia Borneo, Sabah, Kapalai Island  马来西亚婆罗州  沙巴州属卡帕莱岛

Kapalai island - The mere name conjures the image of crystal clear waters and a floating paradise like no other. A 45-minute trip from Semporna by speedboat, Kapalai island is one of the many beautiful diving havens in this part of the world. However, Kapalai is truly unique because it is not quite an ‘island’.


The 40 chalets are built on high wooden stilts in the middle of the ocean. Visitors can enjoy the sights of marine life in action as they stroll along the boardwalk, a sturdy construction that connects the various sections of the floating resort. The resort has 40 chalets, equipped with basic amenities, including tea and coffee making facilities.


You will never have to gripe about having a less than desirable view: you have a breathtaking view of the Celebes Sea no matter where you turn! The restaurant is a wooden deck, where diners can eat indoors or al fresco. There’s even a viewing area in the middle of the restaurant which allows you to see the myriad of marine life passing below.


The sundeck, a popular favourite, is a great place to enjoy your novel, work on a tan or indulge in an afternoon siesta. The Dive Centre provides diving, snorkelling and kayaking gear for rent. Can’t dive but would love to? No problem! The centre offers a variety of PADI courses, including Open Water and Introduction to Night Diving. After enjoying your underwater paradise, explore other facilities offered by the resort including the souvenir shop, games room and broadband access.






Malaysia Borneo, Sabah, Lankayan  Island  马来西亚婆罗州  沙巴州属朗卡央

Lankayan Island is a virtually uninhabited island located in the Sulu Sea. This tiny island is covered by thick tropical jungle that is surrounded by smooth, white sand - the perfect getaway.It has the only dive resort in Malaysia's Sulu Sea called the Lankayan Island Dive Resort and is one of the best spots for whale shark sightings. The location of the whale shark is usually indicated by flocks of seabirds screeching high above the placid surface. With luck, divers and snorkellers may get close to this gentle giant, although it won't stay close for long.

Among the 40 dive sites is Lankayan Wreck, where the remains of an ocean-going fishing boat can be explored. This wreck now hosts many different species of fish from small glassfish, harlequin ghost pipefish, painted frogfish to giant grouper and marbled stingrays.

A jewel-like tiny island in the Sulu Sea, a 1.5 hour boat rides north of Sandakan; Lankayan has been declared part of an immense Marine Protected Area to adopt the eco-tourism concept. Unpopulated and covered by thick tropical island vegetation on its topside, this peaceful, untouched little bit of paradise is ringed by an endless pure white sandy beach, offering simply elegant and exquisite accommodation in all 23 wooden, roomy and perfectly appointed seafront chalets.

While the ideal destination for those who search for tranquility and relaxation in a virgin natural setting and for families with children, Lankayan Island is also becoming one of the hottest diving destinations on the map today: its dive sites - all just a few minutes away - boasting unbelievably colorful macro, fauna, fascinating wrecks and in season from March to May, regular sightings of gigantic and harmless whale sharks, the "dream date " of every diver in the world.


它位于苏禄海,山打根东北海岸. 这个热带小岛四周环绕着洁白的沙滩,四季常青的乔木以及梦幻般的晚霞. 每年的3月到5月是在朗卡央观看巨鲸频繁出没的最佳时期,6、7月是观看海龟产蛋、幼龟放生大海的最佳时期。

仿如天堂般的朗卡央岛,周遭尽是纯净的沙滩和晶莹澄澈的海水,游客们可以在舒适的小屋下榻,享受树幕美景、海水与沙滩一览无遗的舒畅视野. 这里既是举世知名的潜水胜地,潜水人所爱的当然是在它周遭海域潜游的难忘体验. 无数的海族,包括成群出没的竹夹鱼、黄尾梭鱼、狗鱼等,壮观神奇,让人目不暇给.




Malaysia Borneo, Sabah, Mabul Island  马来西亚婆罗州  沙巴州属马布岛

Mabul Island has historically played a supporting role its famous neighbour in Sabah, Sipadan Island. Since Mabul is considerably larger, and Pulau Sipadan is now protected from overnight stays, its profile has greatly increased and resort owners have been able to construct a much higher standard of accommodation, albeit within the constraints of a remote getaway.

The island is covered in palm trees and fringed with fine beaches. Villagers live next door to the resorts and guests are free to stroll around the island, mingling with the locals. From Mabul Island, guests are taken the 25 to 30 minutes to Sipadan every day for diving. In addition they can dive the macro-world of Mabul, normally once a day.

Activities on Mabul Island often depend on which resort you choose to stay in. From the simple and inexpensive beach chalets to the more expensive and luxurious water bungalows built out over clear, shallow waters, in a style reminiscent of the Maldives. Activities can include snorkelling, sea kayaking,beach volleyball, as well as relaxing in the pool or Jacuzzi.




Malaysia Borneo, Sabah, Mantanani Island  马来西亚婆罗州  沙巴州属美人魚島

Mantanani Islands are a group of three isolated islands located northwest of Kota Belud, about an hour’s drive from the state capital of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. These islands are approximately 45 minutes boat ride by speedboat from the mainland.  To get to Mantanani, one would have to take a direct flight from KLIA to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. From Kota Kinabalu, make your way to Kota Belud by road, which takes about an hour. Once in Kota Belud you would have to take a speedboat, which can take up to another hour to get to Pulau Mantanani.

The islands boasts of crystal clear blue waters filled with a myriad of marine life and white sandy beaches fringed by coconut palm trees. One of the main reasons that Mantanani Islands is popular for local and tourists alike is because of its picturesque scenery, cool breezes and serene environment.

Mantanani Island Resort is located at the western end of the largest island and lies on the edge of an enchanting white sandy bay. Nestled among the tall coconut trees are 9 rustic beach chalets that come with attached bathrooms, hot showers and air conditioning.

The resort caters not only to divers and bird watchers but it is also the perfect getaway for anyone who appreciates the serenity and tranquillity of a paradise island.

美人鱼岛--实际名为满达那尼岛,位于东经116-18.3、北纬06-42.8,在沙巴州的北方Kota Belud镇的外海,船程约30分钟,因附近海域有两只野生的海牛,也就是俗称的「美人鱼」而得名。海牛(Dugong)为草食性动物,但在人类持续的猎杀、栖地减少以及困在渔网中溺毙的意外等已严重威胁到它们的生存。海牛个性十分温驯,因为海牛是海洋中唯一的草食性哺乳动物,每年3~10月是海牛出现求偶的季节。某些地区称它们为「海猪」(sea pig)、或「海骆驼」(sea camel)。

美人鱼岛水下生物众多,超过200种以上的海蛞蝓、娃娃鱼、海马、车磲贝、魟鱼、海龙...等各种具体特色的小生物,也有狮子鱼、Scorpionfish、八爪鱼、玻璃鱼、魔鬼鱼、Blue Spotted Ray、Eagle Rays、贵族虾、Pink-eyed Gobies、颚鱼、Blue-Ringed Octopus等。

美人鱼岛已开发了 20 个潜水点。对初学和富经验的潜水人士,两者皆宜。美人鱼群岛包括三个岛屿,Mantanani Besar Island、Mantanani Kechil Island、Lingisan Island,这里海域发现三艘沉船,已变成各种美丽海产的家园了。岛上居民是沙巴洲的渔民,从沙巴洲捕鱼到此岛而定居,人数约数百位,现在居民大多以捕鱼为生,目前有2个渔村,另岛上还设有一警察局。

Malaysia Borneo, Sabah, Mataking Island  马来西亚婆罗州  沙巴州属马达京

With its sparkling white sand, mesmerizing blue waters and top-class resort, Mataking Island is the ideal getaway for both the avid diver and non-diver. Divers can gear up and explore the Eel Garden, Coral Garden, Nudibranch Garden, Turtle Playground, Lobsters Lair and Hump Head Point.

Non-diving activities include a luxurious pampering experience at Jamu Spa, batik painting, kayaking, canoeing and jungle-trekking to name a few. A must-do during your time in Mataking is to take a leisurely walk to Pulau Mataking Kecil (literally meaning Small Mataking island) which is a 20-minute walk from the main island. The best time to take this walk is in the morning when the tides are low, allowing you to walk on a sandy stretch that leads directly to the smaller island. With the sea surrounding you on both sides, you will feel almost as if you are walking on water!

When you arrive back on the main island, climb up the wooden observation tower to get a breathtaking view of Mataking and its surrounding areas. Catch a glimpse of Mataking's famous Underwater Post Office', the first of its kind in Malaysia. In March 2006, the resort decided to sink Mataking 1, an old 40-foot wooden cargo ship to create an artificial reef and also to serve as a unique underwater mailbox. Divers seal their mail in a waterproof vacuum bag and post it underwater.

Picturesque, equipped with excellent facilities and complemented with friendly service at all times, your stay at Mataking will never be long enough.

沙巴马达京岛坐落于马布岛的北部. 位于东面的海岸是一块倾斜延伸到海底100公尺深的暗礁,而西部海岸则是一块深100公尺的垂直潜水圣地.马达京岛可谓是海底摄影师,初学潜水者和中级潜水者享受深海潜水乐趣的理想之地. 形态各异的美丽珊瑚是马达京岛的特色之一,不但如此,它也是许多海牛目动物及躄鱼科生活的天堂. 到过马达京岛的朋友们,几乎每个人都有冥思作歌的冲动。这是一个风景如画、气候温暖的热带渡假天堂;也是潜水人响往的圣地,更是一个令情侣们一生难忘的蜜月仙境!

游子由斗湖市 Tawau 飞机场出发,约一小时的车程至沙巴州最东边的小镇-仙本那 Semporna, 再接五十分钟向北航的快艇便能扺达的海島,是由两个小岛 (马达京岛与小马达京岛) 组成的。潮涨时,两岛相隔半公里;潮退后,两岛被一条洁白的"沙桥"连成一片,形成一个让游人留连不忘的地標。

马达京岛上的渡假村、彩瑚潜水渡假村 The Reef Dive Resort, 自2003年三月营业以来,不断地改进,于 2010 年得到 PADI 的认同成为东马首个五星级的潜水中心; 并于当年得到四星级渡假村的评定。渡假村的潜水活动不但只活跃于该島的范围,更有前往世界首席的潜水圣地 - 西巴丹島 Sipadan Island, 潜水的安排; 是许多潜水人响往的去处。除了潜水活动,島的天然条件加上渡假村的设备与服务员的周到;彩瑚潜水渡假村也是一个休閒活動的世外桃源。

潜水活动 Diving潜水活动是渡假村最繁忙的活动。参与潜水游客(持有潜水执照者),每天三次领航的大海潜水活动;及无限次的本海域潜水。对于响往世界闻名的潜水天堂的西巴丹岛Sipadan Island的潜水游客可以透过潜水中心安排船只前往,其费用包括船费、西島潜水费与执照费,渡假村提供午餐茶点及潜水导游。行程为一天,三次海底深潜。

Malaysia Borneo, Sabah, Pom Pom Island  马来西亚婆罗州  沙巴州属邦邦

Looking for a secluded island to just kick back and relax? Hop on a Pom Pom-bound speedboat from Semporna and let your serenity journey begin!

An island with a laid back and casual ambience—as the name alludes—Pom Pom is situated circa 45 minutes away from Semporna. Apart from the gorgeous glittering white sandy beach that surrounds it, Pom Pom Island is also filled with lush green mangroves that keep it shady and cool.

Simply climb into a hammock to enjoy the beautiful sea view with a good book and a glass of pina colada, or get into your bathing suit and enjoy a dip in the clear aquamarine water. Either way, you can’t go wrong in Pom Pom. Being one of Semporna’s many dive havens, scuba diving aficionados can also spend the day underwater fawning over the vivid marine lives.

Equipped with rustic-chic resort accommodation, visitors can chill in the air conditioned room after a long day at the beach or book a massage session for the ultimate island decompression experience. The dreamy atmosphere of the resort is also made for couples desiring a grand beach wedding, and honeymooners looking for a romantic destination to celebrate their love.

邦邦岛渡假村距离斗湖仙本那镇约四十分钟捷艇船程。原名POM PONG(庞邦),后来习惯了叫成POM POM(邦邦)。渡假村是建在一片朝前方自然延伸,占地幅员四十英亩的土地上。绵长沙滩提供了宽裕享受晒日光浴的空间。初来乍见之下,最先映入眼帘的是宽大异常的用餐与接待区。在一个岛上,能够以木料建造得如此硕实、细致又堂皇的渡假村,的确让人大开眼界。目前,该渡假村有三种住宿设施:水上独立屋、海滩别墅和花园别墅。建材揉合了天然材料,即椰树皮为墙身、坚硬的舍林岸巴杜木地板以及伯利安木天花板。个别房间-简单典雅,让人感觉井然有序的品味设计,非常讨好。





Malaysia Borneo, Sabah, Sipadan Island 马来西亚婆罗州  沙巴州属西巴丹岛

Pulau Sipadan ('Border Island' in Malay) is an island of outstanding natural beauty.The island is only 12 hectares (30 acres) and is covered by pristine rainforest.

The amazing diversity and abundance of marine life found at Sipadan makes it one of the top world's top diving spots and without doubt the most famous scuba destination in Malaysia.Sipadan island is regularly featured in the world's top 10 dive spots along with other destinations sich as the Galapagos Islands. Scuba dive with the swirling tornado-like formation of Barracudas, the big-eye trevallies, the thousands silver jack fishes, the giant size parrot fishes, the numerous turtles and many others such as mantas, eagle rays, tunas, scalloped hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and 3000 more species of fish.

For environmental reasons this tiny island has now closed its resorts. This means the best way to dive here is by staying in on one of the resorts on the nearby islands of Mabul or Kapalai. The resorts also boast some excellent local macro-diving which is a great complement to the breathtaking big fish action of Sipadan Island. Diving in Sipadan operates on a permit basis and is restricted to 120 permits per day. We recommend staying at least 4 nights to allow for the opportunity to dive at the island. The longer you stay the greater your chances of having more dives here (normally 4 dives a day).


Permits are not allocated in advance so no-one, including the resorts themselves, can make guarantees about the number of days you will dive at Sipadan, unless your stay is longer. When you book through Dive The World, we will apply for entry permits to the restricted area on your behalf. This will give you the same chance (or better) of obtaining Sipadan permits as booking elsewhere.

For some resorts, Dive The World can arrange in advance for you to pay for extra permits, subject to availability. It is not a guarantee but it is the best way possible to increase your chances of multiple days of diving at Sipadan.

 “四十五年前,我曾见过其他像西巴丹这样的地方,如今我们又发现这样一件艺术珍品。Jacques-Yves Cousteau






Malaysia Borneo, Sabah, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park  马来西亚婆罗州  沙巴州属东姑阿都拉曼海岛公园

Named after Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, the five islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (TAR) and their surrounding seas have long been a haven of peace and tranquility. The islands protect the natural vegetation, animals and the underwater gardens of the coral reefs that provide visitors with endless hours of enjoyment. TAR encompasses five islands: Gaya, Sapi, Manukan, Mamutik and Sulug.

The marine national park is only 20 minutes by boat from Kota Kinabalu, (refer to A2 on our KK city map), Sabah's Capital and Malaysia's youngest city. The TAR Park is a major landmark of the city of Kota Kinabalu and is famous for the its crystal clear waters and beautiful corals, just a stone throw away from our capital. The park is very popular for activities such as sun bathing, BBQ, diving, fishing, snorkelling, kayaking, windsurfing and recently parasailing which offers visitors a great bird's eye view of the city and the islands with Mt. Kinabalu as the back drop!   

Marine Life

Reefs fringe all the islands, especially on the sheltered eastern and southern sides where the sandy beaches slope gradually into the water to the reef drop-off.  In contrast, the western and northern beaches pounded by the swell from the open sea and the monsoon winds are more exposed, with rocky cliffs and banks of coral rubble.


The fish are almost as numerous and even more colourful than the corals, spotted, striped and patterned in a variety of rainbow colours.  Pink-and-green Parrot fish, the Turquoise Moon Wrasse and Butterfly fish in all combinations of colours are available. Clown fish, sea cucumbers and star fish are common. If you are very lucky you might a school of Trevally, and the ever friendly Whale Shark! TAR Park is a great place to begin your diving experience as a training ground to the ultimate diving place - Sipadan Island.

在沙巴首府亚庇最近海域梭游海岛一回,东姑阿都拉曼海岛公园肯定是您的不二之选。由五个岛屿,即加雅岛(Pulau Gaya)、曼奴干岛(Pulau Manukan)、马穆迪岛(Pulau Mamutik)、苏洛岛〔Pulau Sulug 〕和沙比岛〔Pulau Sapi〕组合的这个海洋岛屿公园,距离亚庇市岸边,其实只有不到廿分钟的捷艇船程而已,而且每一个岛屿都有各别的魅力所在,曼奴干和马穆迪以各种水上活动设施与配备充足完善见称,面积较小的沙比岛是那些寻找一些幽静享受阳光浴时刻者的热门目的地。


Malaysia Borneo, Sabah, Pulau TigaMarine Park  马来西亚婆罗州  沙巴州属迪加岛海洋公园

Pulau Tiga is the largest of the three islands that make up Pulau Tiga Park. Its beautiful landscape and unspoilt natural environment has attracted CBS TV Network of the USA to use this island as the main location for the popular 'Survivor' Programme, dubbing it the 'Survivor Island'.

This island was formed through the eruption of several mud volcanoes. The last explosion happened in 1941 and since then the volcanoes have remained relatively passive.

Situated north of Kuala Penyu, opposite the largely swampy Klias Peninsula, is a group of islands with coral reefs and sandy beaches. Pulau Tiga Park is a fascinating spot rarely visited by tourists. Gazetted in 1978, it covers 158 square kilometers, most of which is sea. It comprises three small islands - Pulau Tiga, Pulau Kalampunian Besar and Pulau Kalampunian Damit (snake island). The islands has been dubbed 'Survivor islands' from a television series which was filmed here in 1996.

The park is named after the largest island, Pulau Tiga, whose name is derived from three undulating humps visible from a distance when approaching the island. The islands were designated a forest reserve in 1933. The Park has particularly interesting flora and fauna and a rich marine life, with good diving and snorkelling over the reefs. 

迪加岛国家公园成立于1985年,以保护迪加岛,邻近的珊瑚礁,和它的两个岛屿(Pulau Kalampunian Besar岛和 Pulau Kalampunian Damit岛, 也称为‘蛇岛’)。今日海拔100公尺的迪加岛相信是由数个泥火山所喷出的泥浆,经过长年堆积所形成。至今岛上的泥火山仍不断涌出温暖的泥桨。

迪加岛是位于亚庇西南方,约35海里处的一个岛屿,从瓜拉班尤 (Kuala Penyu) 乘坐快艇约15分钟船程即可抵达。由三个岛屿组成的迪加岛公园(于1978年宪布),其中迪加岛是是面积最大的岛屿,其余两个分别是卡蓝布尼安达密岛 (Kalampunian Island) 以及卡蓝布尼安伯沙岛(Kalampunian Besar Island) 上发现多种类海蛇,因此也有较为人知的蛇岛之称)。



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