East Coast Malaysia, Terengganu, Gem+Kapas+Lang Tengah+Perhentian+Redang+Tenggol Island

East Coast Malaysia, Terengganu, Gem Island  马来西亚东海岸 登嘉楼州属 歌米儿岛

Only five kilometres from the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, Gemia Island is easy to miss on a map. It is a tiny, rocky island covered in lush tropical greenery and fringed by curves of pure white sand. While this small gem may easily be overlooked, it will not be easily forgotten. 

Gemia Island is only a few hundred metres from the better known Kapas Island, but offers a completely different experience. There is only one resort on Gemia, guaranteeing that you will have the beach coves and the aquamarine water almost to yourself. 
The Gem Island's allure is irresistibly an understatement. Its convenient location alone is an asset. A scenic journey by road to the east coast or a swift flight, either Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia, takes you to Kuala Terengganu from Kuala Lumpur, from here you proceed on a short drive to the Marang Jetty. Surrounded by a marine conservation park, Gem Isle is a mere fifteen-minutes boat ride from the jetty.

Gem Island Resort & Spa represents itself as a good host with lots of passion for offering excellent courtesy, good and friendly guest experience and quality deliveries of services & products to guests. Your home on the island is a romantic boutique retreat with 45 sea-fronting villas hugging the coastline and perched on sturdy stilts. Tastefully appointed with all the creative comforts, the villas have details down to a pat, even offering you fine coffee and Chinese tea leaves for your private brewing, wines and liqours to accompany meals.
The resort also houses a restaurant and bar, Gem Shoppe offering souvenirs and conveniences, and of course, the lavish Tusita Spa.




歌米儿岛或宝石岛, 马来西亚东海岸其中一个私人岛屿,毗邻棉花岛仅仅800公尺、距离瓜拉登嘉楼约18公里,从Marang码头乘快艇前往只需15分钟就可到达.


歌米儿岛,一个拥有绝对自然美景和休闲换了的私人岛屿,蕴藏著无穷的生机,这正是洗涤城市躁郁的活力力量. 岛上唯一度假村由Gem Island Resort & Spa经营和管理,全岛共有45间以不同宝石命名的客房.除了其中6间2面面海的独立套房,其他都是沿着海岸线,建在混凝土支上面的小木屋.全部单位背山面向南中国海,座拥无敌全海景,无论卧躺在床上都可以尽览海天美色.






歌米儿岛早晨可以在露台享受第一道曙光的洗礼.黄昏时分,坐在码头浮排上,观看夕阳余晖洒落海面形成金碧辉煌的海天一色.直到夜幕低垂,远远渔火零落映在海中,璀璨的星星犹如宝石撒在浩瀚无边的夜空上,点缀歌米儿岛的天空. 她就像是上帝遗落凡间的珍稀宝石,上天巧手创造的海底伊甸园.端坐在洁白如绵沙滩上,目光望向那片湛蓝的碧海波涛,心里所有的烦杂,似乎就已经随着那潮起潮落而渐渐远去



East Coast Malaysia, Terengganu, Kapas Island  马来西亚东海岸 登嘉楼州属 棉花岛

Pulau Kapas is an ideal island paradise with white sandy beaches fringed with shady palm trees making it a perfect retreat. The first impression is its laid back yet rustic ambience calling for pure relaxation. It offers a "home away from home" amidst a typical Malay village concept and hospitality.


Kapas Island is a small island consisting of merely a few holiday resorts. It will take just a couple of hours to stroll along the beautiful beach from one end to the other end passing all the holiday resorts. The other side of the island is however, only accessible through a jungle – trekking trail. One could view a spectacular sunrise over a private beach there.


Pulau Kapas offers a variety of adventures to sun and sea lovers. The hidden treats of nature's splendors are both on land and below the sea. You could track into the island's interior and amazed at the colorful natural flora and fauna along the way. Explore the most varied marine life among the many coral reefs around the island. Snorkeling and underwater diving is popular along stretches of shallow coral reefs of the island's western shore.





East Coast Malaysia, Terengganu, Lang Tengah Island  马来西亚东海岸 登嘉楼州属 浪中岛

Lang Tengah Island is truly a tropical jewel of Malaysia’s east coast situated in the state of Terengganu. Its beauty and tranquility combine with tall coconut trees overlooking dazzling crystal clear water; white sandy beach and well-preserved marine life… make Lang Tengah Island irresistible.

It is located roughly halfway between Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian, and is connected to the mainland by boat to Merang.

Summer Bay Lang Island Resort takes the term ” laid back ” to a whole new level, things move slowly here and tomorrow will always be another beautiful island day.The staff and atmosphere of the Resort will help you acclimate to ” island time “. The sun, sand and sea, beach chair, good foods, and good conversation are plentiful; guests are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity for rest and relaxation.

Just enjoy the silence, breath the pure South China Sea deep into your lungs and soak up the Lang Tengah sunshine.

提到東海岸海島旅遊休閒,大家自然而然的都會想起在盛名遠播的¡§停泊島¡¨(Pulau Perhentian)及樂浪島(Pulau Redang),唯殊不知,在這兩島之間,仍有一個廣受外國旅客喜愛的小島嶼¢w¢w浪中島(Pulau Lang Tengah),而到該海島休閒的人士,都是應了藍珊瑚之約而來.






浪中岛, 传说中的世外桃源


來到浪中島,放下緊張的情緒,勿刻意追求俗世間的娛樂,如卡拉ok方能真正用心體會該島的美麗,事實上,許多外國旅客來到該島,其節目也不外是晒晒太陽,潛一潛水,然後用大量的時間來欣賞島上海洋隨時天氣變化所呈現的美景,真正做到名符其實的休閒之旅. 浪中島的美麗已經漸漸被本地旅客所發掘!喜歡渡過寧靜假期的本地旅客已經開始漸漸注意浪中島,並選擇到該海島度假,不過,數目並不多.

浪中島受本地旅客垂青的程度,與停泊島及樂浪島仍有一段差距,該島目前的旅客依然以外國旅客,如日本¡德國等為主. 缺乏宣傳及娛樂設備,如卡拉ok及迪士哥場所是其中一個導致浪中島被本地旅客忽略的原因,這是因為一般上,許多本地旅客來到海島後,仍要到娛樂場所消費,而浪中島在這一方面設備,遠不及停泊島及樂浪島.不過這並不意味著,島上營業的度假村都沒有提供有關服務,只是在相比之下,不夠完善而已.他指出,近年來,一些本地旅客也開始提出在浪中島住宿,然後安排到樂浪島海洋公園及停泊島一游的旅遊配套. 


East Coast Malaysia, Terengganu, Perhentian Island 马来西亚东海岸 登嘉楼州属 停泊岛

The Perhentians are a tropical paradise, boasting waters simultaneously electric teal and crystal clear; jungles thick and fecund, and beaches with sand so white from a distance it might pass for snow. At night bonfires and kerosene lamps on the beach and phosphorescence in the water make pin holes in the velvety black, the stars soar above you and the real world becomes something like a bad dream. Most people come to snorkel, dive or do nothing at all.

There are two main islands, Kecil (‘Small’), popular with the younger backpacker crowd, and Besar (‘Large’), with higher standards of accommodation and a quieter, more relaxed ambience. While you can usually find a beach party, the Perhentians are a long way from having a Thai-style party atmosphere. Alcohol is available at many restaurants.

The Perhentians are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the by-product of increasing tourist traffic, and the sight (and smell) of burning piles of rubbish, especially plastic bottles, is unfortunately common. The islands basically shut down during the monsoon (usually from mid-November to mid-February), although some hotels – especially in Coral Bay – remain open for hardier travellers. There are no banks or ATMs on the islands, so bring cash. Prices quoted here are for high season.

停泊岛分大小两个岛屿,清澈透明的海水是停泊岛最令人神往的地方. 坐在小木船上,海水中游弋的鱼儿和礁石的纹路清晰可辨. 穿上救生衣,戴上潜望镜,浮潜于海水中,眼前的珊瑚、海藻和贝类,组成了色彩斑斓的海底世界. 需要提醒游客的是,目前停泊岛及其附近海域,已被圈定为海洋生态公园和休闲度假区,当地政府严禁从岛上带走任何海洋生物和动植物.停泊岛的风景就像不施脂粉的村姑一样,寻常得很,而且还天生的一副懒慵慵模样,可许多欧美遊客就偏偏喜欢她这个样儿,独爱她这种与世无争的风情,还有她充沛的阳光.

马来西亚的停泊岛距坐落在瓜拉登嘉楼海岸勿述(Besut)海岸久约20公里,是珊瑚岛,由大小两个岛屿组成,分别是大停泊岛与小停泊岛.中间仅隔一道窄窄的海峡. 两岛之间有摆渡小船和快艇穿梭往来, 停泊岛有海拔数百米的山峦和原始森林,海滩边建有形态各异的木结构的度假设施,虽然简单,却很舒适. 小停泊岛人烟稀少,其沙滩比较狭窄,但却平整洁净. 尽管来到这里的游客日益增多,但这两个岛屿仍然保存着马尔代夫珊瑚岛的独特魅力:清澈的海水,白色的沙滩,成群的海龟,色彩炫目的珊瑚礁……热带潜水或乘坐潜水艇的人会认为这里是理想的选择;那些迷恋沙滩或者梦想过鲁滨逊一样孤岛生活的人们也会沉迷于这里的当成最佳选择.


East Coast Malaysia, Terengganu, Redang Island  马来西亚东海岸 登嘉楼州属 乐浪岛

Pulau Redang is located in the South China Sea off the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia within 5?44' - 5?50' North latitude and 102?59' - 103?5' East longitude. It lies about 45 km north-northeast of Kuala Terengganu, the state capital of Terengganu, and about 22 km off Tanjung Merang, the closest point on the mainland.

The first settlers of Pulau Redang were believed to be the Bugis from Celebes, Indonesia. They established their first village at Teluk Kalong and later moved south to Pulau Pinang ("betel nut palm island"), the island where the Marine Park Centre is located. Pulau Redang and its neighbouring islands became a protected Malaysian Marine Park in 1991 and is currently managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment(NRE), Malaysia. Impact from human activities are managed to protect the marine environment and to conserve its coral reefs.

The Pulau Redang Archipelago consists of the 9 islands of P. Redang, P. Pinang, P. Ling, P. Ekor Tebu, P. Kerengga Besar, P.Kerengga Kecil, P. Paku Besar, P. Paku Kecil and P. Lima 45 km off the Terengganu coast. The marine waters surrounding these islands   up to 2 nautical miles from the low water mark of the shore have been designated as Pulau Redang Marine Parks Malaysia. Prior to the establishment of the marine parks the same waters were designated as Prohibited Fisheries Waters. The P Redang Marine Park, administered by the Department of Marine Park Malaysia provides special protection and management for marine areas of national significance. The overall goal will be to protect, conserve and manage in perpetuity marine environments of significance and to encourage the public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of Malaysia’s natural marine heritage by present and future generations of Malaysians.




自从2000年,由郑秀文、任贤齐等主演的电影《夏日麼麼茶》将乐浪岛作为外景地后,便吸引了世界各地的情侣和夫妇来此一览小岛“芳容”,乐浪岛也因此而成为有名的情侣岛。乘机从吉隆坡飞往登嘉楼首府40分钟的时间里, 透过白棉花般的云海,眼前掠过的皆是郁郁葱葱的热带林木。由7个大小岛组成的乐浪岛位于登嘉楼州东岸海里,面向南中国海。出丁加奴机场后,需再乘45分钟的大巴和1小时左右的船才能到达。



乐浪岛尽管阳光相当耀眼,但海洋性气候让这里空气湿润,感觉并不像它的中文名字那样“热浪滚滚”。《夏日麼麼茶》中任贤齐经营的民宿是一座两层木楼,拍摄完毕后早已拆除,现在被称为“MoreMoreTea Inn”的彩色房子系在原址上重建,成了一家礼品店。岛上共有5家酒店,最有名的要数拉古娜(Laguna),就在“MoreMoreTeaInn”附近,也叫“麼麼茶度假村”,客房都是两层橘色联排别墅状的木楼,很多房间都面朝大海。








绕乐浪岛而行,在最容易出现垃圾的码头、海角没有发现一个饮料瓶或果壳、垃圾袋,看来“海洋之心”的美誉并非仅有其表。这除了开发晚,先天条件比较好以外,还主要得力于及时有效的环保措施, 岛上没有零售小摊,游客多在酒店用自助餐,并且每个取餐点旁都明确标示:如果剩余食物超过100克,将被罚20马币。


乐浪岛上有近10间渡假村,其中最有名的就属Long Beach,一进入Long Beach,眼前所见的粉色建筑物,就是“夏日么么茶”的拍摄地点,也就是戏中主角任贤齐经营的民宿,这栋为拍戏而搭起的可爱小屋只有两层楼,现在成为纪念品店及咖啡厅,是乐浪岛纪念照的必拍景点。“夏日么么茶”让乐浪岛一炮而红,许多马来西亚年轻人因重温电影剧情建构的浪漫而来,而许多喜好浮潜及潜水的外国人士,则因乐浪岛拥有丰富的海底资源而来。乐浪岛附近海域有500种珊瑚礁及1300多种的热带鱼,组成美丽的海底景观,为了保护得天独厚的自然资源,马来西亚也将乐浪岛及周边10个大小岛屿,划为海洋生态公园(Marine Park),明令保护。 



乐浪岛一带,共有13处浮潜地点,以及20处深潜地点,在浮潜地点中,距离乐浪岛只有5分钟船程,岛上设有Marine Park Information Centre的Pulau Pinang岛,是必访浮潜点,远远的就可以看到一堆游客在浮潜区域内,这里除了有艘住满海草及贝类的沉船外,长居此地的大石斑及海鳗,都成了配合演出的水族箱宠物,尤其是身长约2公尺的大海鳗,在当地人逗弄下,常要表演“喂食秀”,有时还会由居住的洞中钻出,如同发火似地向上冲过来,惹得浮潜的游客吓得哇哇叫,当然,最后是什么事都没有发生。 







East Coast Malaysia, Terengganu, Tenggol Island  马来西亚东海岸登 嘉楼州属 天鹅

The Tenggol group of islands is the most southernly of Terengganu's Marine Parks. It consists of Pulau Tenggol (Tenggol Island), Pulau Nyireh, Tokong Timur, Tokong Burung and Tokong Talang/Tokong Kemudi, Tokong Laut.

Cited as "The Best Diving in Peninsular Malaysia¡¨ Asian Diver Magazine 2002 Annual Edition.

Pulau Tenggol lies 14 nautical miles (26 km) off the coast of quiet fishing town of Kuala Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia. This rocky island about 50 hectares in size, spans less than 3 kilometres in length and 2 kilometres at its widest point, is one of the most beautiful and serene islands off Peninsular Malaysia's east coast, with spectacular rocky cliffs that offer many excellent dive sites. One of the island¡¦s attractions is that it is close to its original state. A virgin island with its white sandy beaches backed by steeply forested cliffs is a pleasant retreat away from the city. Activities range from snorkelling, scuba diving, jungle trekking or just basking under the sun on the white sandy beach.

At Pulau Tenggol, divers and Snorkellers alike can find pristine coral formations and a number of submerged rocks with excellent coral growths. Tenggol and its surrounding islands offer good visibility with teeming of marine life, including sharks, rays, nudibranch and a wide variety of hard and soft corals. Divers will discover that Tenggol offers great diving experiences, ranging from deep diving, drift diving and wreck dive for the advanced divers or experienced divers. The fantastic shallow dives are great for the least experienced divers or just for the experienced to off gas.



从远处观看这海岛,像一个人正在栖息着, 所以才起了个名字"Tenggol".马来文中的"Tenggak"意思是 "栖息",但是登嘉楼州的方言发音为"Tenggol". 多年来,这个废弃的岛保持它的秘密行踪. 除了靠天找吃的当地渔夫之外,登莪岛所以保留了她的自然纯朴.


当登嘉楼州公报天鹅岛属于海洋公园时, 这里还生存着丰盛的处女珊瑚礁,登莪岛海洋公园严厉禁止钓鱼, 用鱼叉网捕鱼,收取海产作为装饰用途和食物. 受到严厉保管的珊瑚礁已成为国内外游客深潜,浮潜,划独木舟的海浴胜地.



岩石潜水者特别热爱天鹅岛,这里的海洋情况是不可预知的, 位于海岛东岸的是热门的潜水点,它吸引了许多经验老到的潜水者到来享受.  它正等候挑战你.如果你是一个精练的潜水者和你想提升副肾素,天鹅岛, 正是您的理想选择.


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