Southern Malaysia, Johor, Aur Island 马来西亚南部 柔佛州属 敖岛

Sitting a fair distance, some 80km east of the Mersing jetty,are the islands of Pulau Dayang, Pulau Lang, Pulau Aur and Pulau Pinang *. This cluster of islands is particularly difficult to get to -one reason being that the boats going to and fro are irregular and another being that many of the dive operators seem to have monopolised the islands for 'weekend' SCUBA divers and friends.

But it is not impossible to travel to these islands if time and money is not an issue. Of course there are packages offered by a few live aboards and dive boats that take passengers on a passage to discovery, or you could hire a boat to take you to the island (with a group 10 friends or so to split the cost), or even join in with weekend dive or snorkelling groups organised by the dive operators from Singapore or Malaysia. Do bear in mind that most of the resorts on the islands are owned by these weekend dive operators or have joint-partnerships with the locals which means that often when the weekend crowd returns home, the resorts will close for the week. There are of course a few locally owned resorts at the villages where you can stay.

One can only but wonder if the Aur islands have been reserved specifically for the elite with a lot of money to spend. However, this really shouldn't deter the traveller in a quest for the perfect island to explore, to laze about or to indulge in the culture and hospitality of the local fishermen and their families. Once you're there, you'd know that all that hassle was worth every penny. The relief is that once the weekend crowd has disappeared, you will discover the true beauty of the islands and its waters.


为了圆一个精彩的梦想,为实现与鱼群共泳的美梦,终于整装待发,装着满脑子的水底世界想像,向着一个叫敖(Aur) 的小岛奔去。一路南下,出了居銮收费站后,便向丰盛港前进。到达码头后,再搭4小时的船,才抵达敖岛。这儿是到潜水天堂,自然供应了最多的潜水用具,再加上自由餐食供应,因而吸引了无数南马及新加坡的潜水爱好者及度假人士。







Southern Malaysia, Johor, Besar Island 马来西亚南部 柔佛州属 大岛

There are two islands with the same name Pulau Besar. One is near the coast of Melaka and the other one is in the South China Sea. This is about the last one. It's located off the east coast of Johor - 15 km from Mersing.


Pulau Besar is surrounded by many nearby islands, like Pulau Mensirip, Pulau Hujung, Pulau Rawa, Pulau Harimau. Even Pulau Tengah  on which Expedition Robinson was filmed, is close to Pula Besar. Divers will be able to dive at Jahat/ Aut, Sakit Mata, Mata Tikus and Rawa.

The island is characterized by quiet, clean beaches of powdery white sand that promises an amazingly spectacular view. Crystal clear waters surround the island; Pulau Besar. The waters are so clean that visitors can even see the many reefs from the surface. To preserve the unspoiled marine life, the Government has gazetted it as a marine park to protect around 60 species of marine life from any activity that can harm their natural habitats within 2 nautical miles around the island.

Here are many interesting activities. One can go snorkelling, fishing, diving or take a trip to all the nearby islands. Visitors can trek through the woods to see the tropical plants and animals or visit a 'kelong' to see the fishermen hauling up their nets laden with the bountiful harvest from the sea.The wild vegetation of the tropical jungle are rich in many different green colours and the sight of coconut palm dotting the landscape is a normal one. There are about 7 ?8 small villages that are still populated by around 100 friendly dwellers who are mostly fishermen.

Pulau Besar is rising some 2,000 feet above the sea level. So this is one of the largest islands off the coast of Mersing The island got its former name, Pulau Babi Besar, (directly translated as Big Boars Island) from the numerous wild boars that roamed the island before man inhabited the place. Nowadays there is not a single boar on the island at present and for that reason they changed the name to Pulau Besar. 

Here, you can find many species of the giant cockle that live on the ocean floor and 6 of them can only be found around Mersing waters.A number of the surrounding islands such as Pulau Aur, Pulau Pemanggil, Pulau Tinggi and Pulau Rawa have been identified as new habitats for the new generation of the giant cockles. 
These cockles have a life span of 70 years. They are 1-metre long and can weigh as much as 200 kilograms. Tourists will be able to set their eyes on these lovely shelled-creatures while snorkelling in the breathtakingly picturesque underwater.



世界上真的有美人鱼吗?如果你向柔佛州丰盛港的妮娃娜旅游有限公司董事经理许春荣提问这个问题的话,他肯定会斩钉截铁地告诉你,大岛岛上的确有美人鱼. 不过,那是很久以前的事了.以前岛上的确是有美人鱼(也叫海牛),它们是以吃海草为生的哺乳动物,之所以被称为美人鱼,也许是因为它在哺育幼儿时酷似人类的缘故. 美人鱼不但曾在柔佛州丰盛港岸外的大岛出现,这个存在的事实也为她绘上美丽的传说.


Southern Malaysia, Johor, Dayang Island 马来西亚南部 柔佛州属 达央

Dayang Island (or Pulau Dayang, as it is known locally) is located approximately 65km west of Johore. It is part of the 5 islands, together with Pulau Aur, Pulau Lang, Pulau Pinang, together with Pulau Pemanggil, that make up a distinct offshore region of Johor Marine Park. With their crystal blue waters and abundant marine life, this is one of Malaysia’s most popular site amongst divers all around.

Dayang and Aur dive sites noted for their diversity. Open water, advance open water and more experienced divers have a choice of ranging from shore dives for shallow reefs to more challenging rocky depths. Dayang and Aur have been the site of many sightings of whale shark and manta rays on the right season.

Perhaps, the best thing about Dayang Beach Resort is you got the right treatment with security like a princess. Dayang means in Muslim tradition as Princess. And it will surely make you feel at ease when being entertained as such even though it's the first meeting.


Southern Malaysia, Johor, Pemanggil Island 马来西亚南部 柔佛州属 柏芒吉岛

Pemanggil Island sits 45kms east of Mersing, the take-off point to most islands off the Southern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is situated next to Tioman, requires a 4 to 5 hours ride by boat from Mersing. To get to Mersing itself takes 4½ hours by car or roughly 6 hours by coach from KL.

As with most inhabited islands in Malaysian waters, Pemanggil has its fair share of history, mystery and spookytales. The island is fishermen's best-kept secret. It is well known for deep sea fishing and good hunting grounds for marlins, black ones if you''re fortunate, and mackerels.

This remote island is also famed for the beauty and abundance of marine life within its clear emerald waters. Its other magnetic charms include endless stretches of white sandy beaches and awesome snorkeling spots. Fishing and diving is excellent here. For the adventurous, the hill outcrop of the island makes for a challenging climb and the summit holds an inherent scenic beauty of the far reaching ocean.


On the north-eastern coast of Pemanggil Island is Teluk Lancang, an isolated bay whew coconut trees grow in abundance admist the tropical vegetation. At the heart of the island, there is a huge boulder known locally as Batu Buau which locals regard as sacred. It would definitely not go unnoticed and is clearly visible as far as 50 km from the south of Tioman Island.

乘着船迎向柏芒吉岛(Pulau Pemanggil),略抑起头向上望时,最先抢入眼帘的,是岛上呈梯形的椰林. 一层叠着一层的椰树,展现了今日大城市里几乎已不存在的大自然景象,叫人远远就嗅到那一股清新. 脚下的海水更是清澈见底,12公尺底下大大小小的珊瑚礁尽在海底各展风情,形成柏芒吉岛海域的特色之一.柏芒吉岛上有座充满传说的石岩.据当地居民说,这座岩石大约是1千500呎高,他们叫它布娃石(Batu Buau).

布娃石更是猛吉岛的标志.当地人认为,来猛吉岛而不攀爬布娃石,会是整个旅程中的缺憾. 攀爬布娃石,说不上轻而易举,因为一路往上爬时,实际上并没一条像样的路让人有迹可寻,而要到达岩石顶峰,登山人更得借助绳索攀爬石壁. 虽然登山不易,喜欢攀爬岩石的游客却可在这里一了凤愿.攀上岛上最高处,鸟瞰海景,岛上最多人聚居的布娃村就在脚下.这种成功征服小山的满足感,绝对可以取代任何艰辛.


Southern Malaysia, Johor, Rawa Island 马来西亚南部柔佛州属拉娃岛

Rawa Island is an unspoilt coral island, with its white sands and swaying palm trees. It's nestled in the crystal clear waters of the South China Sea.

It's located sixteen kilometres off the coast. This beautiful island has white sand, coves, and superb clear waters for water activities. Comfortable chalet-style accommodations are available on the island, and equipment for recreational water activities. Rawa has its own ferry service to the island daily which can carry twelve people.

Rawa Islands that dreams are made of, secluded white beaches and palm fringed; images which can be found here in Malaysia, to add to the dream blazing sunlight and a cool green, clear lagoon, where fish dart and swim in never ending circles. Visitors on the beach wallowing in the sunlight. 



由于岛上四周都没有甘榜村落,除了游客没有其他人居住,故岛上的环境清幽,依然保存着大自然的原始气息,加上清澈见底的海水,洁白的沙滩,许多外国人都慕名而来. 为了进一步发展该岛,不惜斥资重新装修及美化现有的设施,并在峭壁山岩、崎岖不平之处铺设人行道及搭建木桥,以便游客能够曲径通幽,观赏到更多的奇花异草及沿岸风光.

拉哇拉哇岛度假村目前拥有67间度假屋,全部冷气设备,一座古意盎然的高级餐厅,岛上的设施全靠自设发电机提供电流,至于食水方面则由丰盛港运来. 每年从3至10月是最多游客到来游玩的季节,因此,每逢假期到来,这里就爆满,游客多数为外国人.由于岛上的治安良好,游客可放心出海游玩.


Southern Malaysia, Johor, Sibu Island 马来西亚南部 柔佛州属 幸福岛

Most of the island's resorts are situated on the north eastern section of Pulau Sibu, where the golden brown beaches slope away gradually offering ideal bathing conditions. The views from these beaches are of Pulau Tinggi and a string of smaller islets to the south. On a clear day Tioman Island can be seen to the north. The "moonrise" at full moon is so spectacular it is a sight not to be missed.

Prior to the area being designated a Marine Park the line of kelongs which can be seen off the south western coast provided the resorts with a wonderful supply of succulent seafood. However the new regulations now mean they may only be used as platforms for rod and line fishing, popular with many tourists. This section of the coast is sheltered from almost all winds and the sea here is frequently so calm it resembles a lake, allowing mangrove trees to become established along the shore. There is along narrow spit to the south of the village, mostly planted with coconuts, a quiet, breezy place.

The south east coast of Sibu rears up as a series of steep, abrupt cliffs with a rocky shoreline at their base and provides shelter to the village behind. The rocks here, and where exposed at other points on the island, are colourful and contorted. This is due to their composition of layers of volcanic ash run through with later lavas which have combined to produce lacework patterns and reliefs. Low down on headlands near the sea rockpools are frequent and contain miniature worlds populated by colourtul fish, crabs and corals. By Tg Keramat the cliffs contain caves and arches. 

位置马来西亚柔佛州东部海洋的幸福岛, 让你静静荡漾在蓝天碧海的怀抱中追风逐浪, 尽享逍遥写意.

幸福岛充满诗情画意,等待吸引你来窥见探索, 入住岛上度假屋,面对一片碧绿清澄的大海,感觉就要抛弃所有人间凡情,身心皆醉在此, 从此不肯醒来. 其海岸线绵长,沙幼洁白,海水清凉透彻,就想任它洗涤长途跋涉的疲劳和尘垢, 当然还有追逐悠游其丰富多彩的珊瑚海鱼间. 这里提供潜水、浮潜、风帆冲浪、远航和垂钓设施。你可以徒步穿越丛林,探索人迹罕至的红树林沼泽,或者参观能捕捉到凤尾鱼的渔村或码头。你还可以前往村庄,亲眼观看椰子被熏制成为椰仁干的过程。


幸福岛附近还有5个岛屿,分别是大幸福岛(P.Sibu Besar)P.Tinggi、 P.Mentinggi 、丽玛岛(P.Lima)和龟咯岛(P.Kukus). 您可以搭乘船只从丰盛港南部的丹绒乐曼 (Tanjung Leman) 码头到达诗巫岛。从丰盛港县出发,沿丰盛港至哥打丁宜(3 号公路)的主干道向南行驶约 44 公里,然后左转。公路穿过油棕园,某些路段狭窄弯曲。从新山市出发,前往哥打丁宜县。从哥打丁宜县出发,沿哥打丁宜至丰盛港的主干道(3 号公路)向北行驶 48 公里,在上述相同的交叉路口右转。诗巫岛距离丹绒乐曼约 20 分钟船程。


欢迎你来, 城派要你化身成一尾一天到晚游泳的鱼,  尽情荡漾于色彩缤份的珊瑚海鱼间, 今生.今世  

Southern Malaysia, Johor, Tinggi Island 马来西亚 南部柔佛州属 丁宜岛

Pulau Tinggi is one of the most untouched Malay islands with an enchanting atmosphere and sheer physical beauty. The secluded island is a perfect place to escape from the busy world to relax and rejuvenate. Pulau Tinggi is truly THE HAVEN BENEATH THE SKY

Pulau Tinggi is the ideal family and leisure holiday paradise, with its abundant  nature and TMR as the only resort on the untouched island. TMR will be your welcoming home sandwiched between the sparkling blue ocean and the rolling hills with lush tropical jungle. In the peaceful atmosphere of nature you will find the quality time for bonding in the family. The beach, terrace of the swimming pool and Sarong Karaoke lounge are the environment to meet people and make new friends. Take a walk along the pure white beach to Kebaya lounge the Sunset Bar for a drink, enjoying the beautiful sunset. Swim and snorkel in the turquoise ocean and watch the colorful schools of fish or meet a turtle. The jungle is waiting to be discovered by a good stroll up to the waterfall. Let yourself be pampered in the Marina spa to relax and rejuvenate. When the parents have their time together there are child activities. Children can build sand-castles, play beach soccer or volleyball and do educational games.

Pulau Tinggi is a unique Malay island with its enchanting atmosphere and history. Because of its specific profile the island is nicknamed "Generals Hat Island" by Chinese seamen centuries ago. The island is one of the highest with the hill in the middle which reaches 600 meters amongst other surrounding islands. The sheltered harbor and fresh water resources made the island a stopover point for spice traders in ancient the old days. Pulau Tinggi comprises 8 smaller islets ideal for island hopping, swimming and snorkeling. It has a long coastline with white sandy beaches dotted with caves. The sea around is teaming with coral, fish and reefs, making it a photographic haven. The island is declared a Marine Park that hosts a museum and turtle hatchery. There is one Malay kampong that can be visited as kampong-visit.

丁宜岛在马来西亚柔佛州东海岸岛屿, 海拔六百六十七公尺.它曾是六百多年前,运载香料商船的一个重要停靠站,早期中国商旅把它叫做"将军帽岛"因岛形成圆锥形所致.

丁宜岛是柔佛东海岸外,最迷人的小岛之一.从丰盛港到此,大约需要两个小时.岛屿中部有一座高620米的花岗岩山峰,它从前是座火山,现在成为航海者的方位标.由于这座山峰的存在,华侨又称该岛为“将军帽上的岛屿”. 岛上具备清新水源,隐蔽的码头,产有水果、藤及木材,难怪在当时即成为商旅耳熟能详的地方.今天的丁宜岛,岛上提供一切渡假设施,另外,各类的水上运动,如:垂钓、划船、滑浪等,皆可以安排.这里的水域适合潜水.

丁宜岛,也因其漂亮多彩的珊瑚群而被世人讚美,每年5月到10月是潜水最佳时段,在此期间,水中能见度约40呎之多.若想感受夜宿岛上的滋味,岛上皆设有度假木屋可供使用.欲前往这些岛屿,需从距新山 138公里的丰盛港(Mersing)出发,观光客可在码头乘船前往这些水中乐园.

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