Penang, Jerejak Island and Perak, Pangkor Island

North Malaysia, Penang, Jerejak Island 马来西亚北部 槟城州属, 木寇山海岛

Inconspicuously nestled on the tree-lined canopy of tropical Jerejak Island the twenty (20) unassuming but uniquely tasteful villas are just one of the hidden gems on Penang Island and its surrounding region.

Sun Yi Villas are ideally located on the largely uninhabited and exclusive Jerejak Island which has its own, intriguing history as a former Penal Colony (1969) and Quarantine Station (1875).

Our Sun Yi Villas hostess will warmly welcome you to Penang and have you transferred quickly and hassle free from Penang International Airport to the dedicated Jerejak Island ferry terminal at Batu Uban where it is just a leisurely 5-minute luxury boat transfer from the bustling island life of Penang Island. The world class Queensbay Mall with over 500 retail outlets is ideally located nearby for even the most pernickety of shoppers with an insatiable appetite for retail therapy.

Jerejak Island is truly Penang’s only Private resort just far enough away to be a unique tropical island escape or to conveniently mingle in the local cultures of historic and multicultural charm of fascinating Georgetown.

As an all-inclusive* hideaway retreat, Sun Yi Villas' passionate and dedicated staff will pamper your every whim as relaxation, recuperation and service is the ultimate focus of our resort. We have a strict policy of privacy and high priority is emphasized on anonymity and solitude. But when it comes time to indulge in one of the 6 gastronomic specialized mealtimes, we leave nothing to chance using the freshest of local and imported products by our culinary team. Whether it is the eggs benedict for breakfast, fresh scones and jam at high tea, watching the sunset by the pool with Horderves, canapés and imported wine, or an Aged Norfolk Blue Eye Fillet for dinner; we do have all of the gourmet bases covered.

Sun Yi Villas at Jerejak Island is a unique concept and are reserved strictly for the very fortunate few who appreciate the finer things in life.




North Malaysia, Perak, Pangkor Island 马来西亚北部霹雳州属邦咯岛

Off the coast of Perak state, lies a cluster of small islands with unquestionably some of the best beaches on the western coast of peninsular Malaysia. Among them, two islands predominate in terms of accessibility and infrastructure - the largest Pangkor and smaller, privately owned Pangkor Laut- hosting one luxurious resort. If you are looking for high standard accommodation on the main island, head up north to Teluk Belanga or Teluk Dalam.

Located about 90km south west from lpoh and reachable by ferry from Lumut in only 35mins, Pangkor Island is 8 square km big and inhabited by circa 25 thousand people, mainly fishermen. They live in scattered fishing settlements, especially on the eastern coast, and their catch consists mainly of cuttlefish and anchovy. Pangkor is intensively promoted as a budget tourist destination, however it’s still fishing and dried seafood to be the main industry.

The most beautiful beaches are Nipah Beach and Coral Beach, both situated in Nipah Bay on the west-northern coast, popular among foreigners (mainly Europeans and Australians) as well as locals. With tiny islets nearby (Giam and Mentagor) surrounded by corals, fish and sea cucumbers, this place is a fully satisfactory snorkeling spot. If you are into other watersports- they are easily accessible everywhere around the island. For active and adventurous- there’s an uphill jungle trek across the island (takes around 4hrs). Pangkor has a lot to offer also to bird watchers- among many interesting species, amazing hornbills can be easily spotted.

Put the cherry on top with having a night swim-being surrounded by blue glowing plankton feels like dancing with stars.



邦咯岛是一个集捕鱼及度假胜地於一身的小岛,它是旅游度假的好去处。它呈现给游客们难得的好机会,亲身接触朴实的渔民及他们的生活起居,或可以在此尽情享受完美无暇的海滩及度假的便利设施。庑┯婷衩巧⒕釉诘旱亩撸嫦蚝焱量布癟ELUKBATIK的方向。游客从红土坎乘搭 40分钟的渡轮前往邦咯岛时,在抵达之前,渡轮会在主要的居住点稍作停留,这些地点包括:SUNGAI PINANG KECIL 及SUNGAI PINANG BESAR。邦咯岛上有两个著名的海滩,即PASIRBOGAK及TELUKNIPAH。这里为旅客提供许多海上活动如:潜水、滑浪及钓鱼等。 PASIRBOGAK已经发展得相当完善,而TELUKNlPAH则还保留著乡村的环境氛围。岛上备有各等级的住宿设备,游客还可以租用小货车或摩哆车 (机车),进行环岛游的活动。岛上的每一个定点都有餐馆,在邦咯镇上就有好几家非常不错的海鲜餐馆。



























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