Selangor, Ketam Island & Melacca, Besar Island

Central Malaysia, Selangor, Ketam Island 马来西亚中部 雪兰莪州属 吉胆

Pulau Ketam, literally translated, means “crab island”. It is a small island located off the coast of Klang. The island is easily accessible from the Port Klang jetty by ferry. The “floating houses” that come to view as visitors approach the island is a sight to awe any city slickers. Perching casually on long wooden stilts, these dwellings are suspended about one to ten (1-10) metre above sea level.

Pulau Ketam is the best opportunity for visitors to witness and experience the unique lifestyle of fishermen. Homestay facilities are readily available. And, Pulau Ketam also having a very special viewpoint with town city where this island escape from air polutions, traffic jams, finding car parking problem etc.

Tourist Spot

Pulau Ketam is a fascinating island, full of fishing village sceneries. All buildings are built 3-5 feet from the swampland. During high tide, houses look like "floating on the water" giving a wonderful and romantic feeling. Villagers are friendly and willing to help tourist in getting to know this island.


Nang Thiam Keng Temple

The Nang Thiam Keng Hall is a common place for holding wedding dinners. In 6th of 6th Month of Chinese Calendar is the God’s birthday. This is a big event here. A Celebration of at least 14 days of Chinese Opera and Mini Concert make the nights more lively and energetic. Every 3 years, the committee board of the temple will organize the ritual of “Gods Patrol and blessing the island”. The event will be attended by many temple’s “God” together and “They” walk around the town, patrolling the sea, and guarding the island.

Hock Leng Keng Temple

One of the biggest temple in Pulau Ketam. The temple is beautiful with intricate sculptures and colorful painting. It celebrates its big events at 28th of 4th Month of Chinese Calendar, with Chinese opera and mini concert.

First Bridge

There are 11 bridge in Pulau Ketam. (Sungai Lima has another 3). The first bridge is near main street. Here you can see a lot of boats parking at the small private jetties.

Pulau Ketam Jetty

A good place to loiter around enjoying sea breezes after dinner. It is really relaxing and enjoying. At night times, teenagers assemble here for their leisure and social activities.

Kongsi House

A history house how Pulau Ketam population begin.

Please refer to History( Private place, for 8-20 pax day trip group, tour guide will arrange acquaintance Kongsi House for visit).

Fish Dealer Centre

A place where fishermen clear their sea capture to the fish dealer.( Private business place, for 8-20 pax day trip group, tour guide will arrange acquaintance fish dealer centre for visit)

Wooden Fishing Boat Factory

Local Wooden Fishing Boat Factory.( Private business place, tour guide will arrange acquaintance boat factory for visit)

Fish Farm Subject to pay for visiting*optional

Fish farm is floating on the sea. It takes about 10 minutes journey to reach by boat. Fishes are reared in these fishing farms. Most of the living fish are exported to Hong Kong. Some of them will be transported to restaurants.

Culture / Religion

The Life in this island is full of Chinese culture and traditions, something different but fascinating.


Have you ever seen the bride groom welcoming the bride by boat? if not, come and witness here. Because car and other vehicles are not available in this island, thus the groom has to drive his fishing boat to "received" the bride. The "Open car door Ang Pow money" changes to "hold boat tie Ang Pow money". Sometimes they will walk around the Jalan Besar market "informing" others that "We Just married today?"


There are many family name associations like Chia Association, Chua Association in this island. They will help in the funeral works. Normally it will take 3 days to accomplish. The host will prepare food and drink for guest. If you ever heard a villager saying "go to eat fish porridge tonight", it means attending these occasions. The host will invite monk or Taoist to organize "funeral chanting" attended by all the relatives, in believing that it will help the dead to "Amithaba Buddha Western Pure land" for the next life. The coffin will bury or burn in the mainland.

Bicycle fell down

All the roads in this island are higher about 3 or 4 feet higher than swamps. Almost 90% of the children experienced falling down to swamps while learning how to cycle. We called this "eating black chanting". May be you will get a chance to saw a children from swampland while you visit this island.

Dry Seasons lining-up for water

Before the government provided ware supply, villagers depended on rain water for daily use. Thus, every houses is equipped with at least one water tank. If there was no rain for 2 month, all the water will be "out of services". Consequently government will send water from mainland by boat. Then villagers will take a trolley with tanks, lining up from heliport to police station waiting for water. Those taking water by their fishing boat had to line up beside heliport. This has became a memory when water was supplied directly from mainland via water pipe underground in 1993.


Actually houses were built higher than the high tide level, about 3-4 feet higher than swamp land. It was a perfect drainage system, and we never experience flood. But in 1998, the abnormal high tide shocked the islanders. Almost 30% of the houses were covered by flood up to 2 to 16 inches or higher. Some of the roads "disappeared" and "drowned" in the floods.


During high tide, you may se children and teenagers swim beside their houses. That is a natural swimming pool.

Chinese Opera and Mini Concert

There are so many temples here. Some of them will organize Chinese Opera and mini concert at their God’s birthday, lasting for 3 to 14 days every years. A lot of people will come to attend and enjoy the shows. This is one of the main entertainment on the island.

Ghost Festival

The 7th month of Chinese Calendar is Ghost Festival. It is believed that ghost in hell has one month "holiday". People will prepare some food to "feed" the hungry ghost, burn some "money" for them. Temple will organize chanting rites for ghost.

吉胆岛,又称¡螃蟹岛.她是位於雪洲巴生港口外一个可爱的小渔村,大多数居民都以捕鱼为生.大约九十巴仙以上是华裔同胞,以潮州与福建藉贯为主,生活简朴,悠闲,朴素.这里没有汽车,没有摩托车,有的只是脚踏车与11号车,所以没有像成市的塞车的痛苦,寻找泊车位的烦恼,只要一辆脚踏车就可通行无阻,非常轻松自在;  如您对我们这个与世无争的小岛充满好奇,那我们欢迎您光临吉胆岛. 




吉胆渔村分为5区,为头条港区,街场区,港内区,过港区与港尾区. 商店,银行,码头,酒店等等都位于街场区.政府部门在2003 年度的人口调查,显示吉胆岛居民有9150人,占地419.91英亩.村民以潮洲及福建人为主,次为海南人.曾经在80 年代,吉胆人口一度达到大约 2 万人.五条港的居民大部份为福建人.人口约在一千五百人左右。  近年,由於大量人口外移,并且大多数年轻人多在吧生谷一带工作.只在假日或周未时才回乡.大部份的岛民都在吧生谷一带都拥有房子与车子,而且也有投资一些商业活动.吧生的某些住宅就住了许多的吉胆人.另外柔佛州的兴楼,丰盛港也有相当多的吉胆人移居在那哩,那儿有小吉胆之称.




吉胆岛是一个可爱的小渔村。岛上的建筑物都是建在沼泽地带,所以都高於地面四至五尺。每逢农历初一十五傍晚,当海水高涨时见到屋子好像是浮在水上。这就是所谓的 ” “,非常有渔村风味。岛上有好几个旅游景点可说是游客们必到之地。



























Central Malaysia, Melacca, Besar Island 马来西亚中部 马六甲州属 五屿岛

Pulau Besar looks like a pregnant lady lying on her back. The locals around Pulau Besar revere the island and attribute it to many legends. It has also become a place of pilgrimage to a large number of Indian Muslims in Malaysia. Many pilgrims come to Pulau Besar to visit a mausoleum believed to be of a Wali, Sultan Ariffin Syeikh Ismail Waliallah. There are also numerous other graves visited by pilgrims such as that of Datok Janggut, Datuk Puteh and Nenek Kebayan. The group of 7 graves called Makam Tujuh Beradik were torn down by the state religious department during the 90's when the state government initiated construction work to build a hotel and golf course on the island. The resort operated for a few years before it eventually closed.


At the highest point on the island exist a large boulder that is split down the middle. It is named "Batu Belah" and is a favourite destination for local pilgrims. There also exists a cave which is said to be the place of meditation for another Wali named Yusof. Near this cave, it is claimed one can see the footprint of the Wali on a boulder. In 1997 the Malaysian government labeled such practices as deviant and tore down many buildings that were erected around the mausoleum. This caused an uproar in the Indian Muslim communities which frequented Pulau Besar. By 2006, a new hall had been built using private funds from many Indian Muslim businessman.


The island is considered a holy place by local believers. Visitors are advised to abstain from consuming pork on the eve of the day of visit and throughout their stay there. They are also to be in their best behavior while on the island. . Accommodation is available at the chalets available on the island, namely Chandek Kura Hotel. Many visitors however pitch tents along the coast. Food is easily available from the few stalls there. Free food and drinks are also available from a canteen next to the Wakaf Makam Tujuh Beradik.


Visitors can board motorboats at Pernu, Umbai for the short trip to the island, or from the Malacca Pier, located at Melaka Raya.


五屿岛距离马来半岛约 13 海里,离开马六甲码头大约 10 英里。此岛是最著名的周末度假地点。岛上有几座深具历史意义的坟墓,使人回忆起日本占领此地的历史。不过大部分到此游玩的旅客,是为了清澈的海水及岛上绿意盎然的山丘而来。这里提供许多机会让游客尽情游玩,如:游泳、垂钓、潜水、打高尔夫球及露营等。


岛上的 Pandanisa 度假屋有一座 18 洞的高尔夫球场。游客可以从马六甲东北 10 公里处的 UMBAI 码头或马六甲市码头,乘船前往这里。



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