Cheng Pai Voyage, subject to create a most happiness, unique & exciting celebration, starting from Malaysia to the world. 

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Langkawi Island, Kedah  浮罗交怡, 吉打

Payar Island, Kedah  巴雅岛, 吉打

Jerejak Island, Penang  木蔻山岛, 槟城

Pangkor Island, Perak  邦咯岛, 霹雳

Pangkor Laut, Perak  绿中岛, 霹雳

Sembilan Island, Perak  九屿岛, 霹雳

Tioman Island, Pahang  刁曼岛, 彭亨

Ketam Island, Selangor  吉胆岛, 雪兰莪

Pulau Besar, Melacca  孕妇岛,马六甲

Aur Island, Johor  敖岛, 柔佛

Besar Island, Johor  大岛, 柔佛

Pemanggil Island, Johor  柏满吉岛, 柔佛

Rawa Island, Johor  拉娃岛, 柔佛

Sibu Island, Johor  幸福岛, 柔佛

Tinggi Island, Johor  丁宜岛, 柔佛

Duyung Island,Terengganu  龙运岛, 登嘉楼

Gem Island,Terengganu  歌米儿岛, 登嘉楼

Kapas Island, Terengganu  棉花岛, 登嘉楼

Lang Tengah Island, Terengganu  浪中岛, 登嘉楼

Perhentian Island, Terengganu  停泊岛, 登嘉楼

Redang Island, Terengganu  乐浪岛, 登嘉楼

Tenggol Island, Terengganu  天鹅岛, 登嘉楼

Malaysia is fast becoming one of the leading dive destinations of the world with one of the richest marine environments in the Indo-Pacific Basin. The incredible bio-diversity of marine life, coupled with beautiful islands, white sandy beaches and clear warm waters, keeps divers coming back time and time again.

Located in the heart of the Indo-Pacific basin, the heart of the world's richest marine biodiversity area, Malaysia also offers pristine beaches and professional dive centres for the pleasure and safety of the advanced and novice diver. For a most memorable diving holiday, the time is now, the place is Malaysia. 

Dinawan Island, Sabah  迪乃湾岛, 沙巴

Gaya Island, Sabah  加雅岛, 沙巴

Kapalai island, Sabah卡柏莱岛, 沙巴

Lankayan Island, Sabah  朗卡央岛,沙巴

Layang Layang Island, Sabah  拉央拉阳岛, 沙巴

Libaran Island, Sabah  里巴兰岛,沙巴

Mabul Island, Sabah  马布岛, 沙巴

Manukan Island, Sabah  马奴干岛,沙巴       

Mataking Island, Sabah  马达京岛,沙巴

Mamutik Island, Sabah  马慕迪岛, 沙巴

Sapi Island, Sabah  沙比岛,沙巴

Pom Pom Island, Sabah 邦邦岛, 沙巴

Salug Island, Sabah  苏鹿岛, 沙巴

Sipadan Island, Sabah  西巴丹岛, 沙巴

Tiga Island, Sabah  迪加岛, 沙巴

TAR Marina Park, Sabah 


Turtle Island, Sabah  海龟岛, 沙巴

Tun Sakaran Marina Park, Sabah 

敦沙嘉浪海洋公园, 沙巴

Tun Mustapha Marine Park, Sabah 

敦慕塔法海洋公园, 沙巴

Malaysia is an amazing country with countless abundance of biodiversity. It is not surprising to find that 75 percent of Malaysia’s land area remains forested, with 60 percent virgin rainforest, unchanged for millions of years.

The country is bestowed with numerous natural attractions such as amazing and diverse flora and fauna, white sandy beaches, exotic marine aqua life, dense rainforests and the oldest and largest caves in the world.

Unlock the mysteries of Malaysia, one of the twelve mega-biologically diverse countries in the world, which boasts at least 15,000 species of flowering plants, 286 species of mammals, 150,000 species of invertebrates, and 4,000 species of fishes in addition to the countless micro-organisms.

Experience a huge range of outdoor activities, such as caving, hiking, jungle trekking, white water rafting, rock climbing, bird watching, river cruising and much more. Here are some links:

Catch a glimpse of the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia, play with the endangered orang utans, visit the world’s largest single cave passage discovered at Mulu National Park or hike up Fraser’s Hill to catch the migrating birds.

Experienced outdoor professionals, who are well equipped with the latest gear, can guide you through all of these activities. If you are looking for rich and exotic ecotourism experiences in balmy tropical weather, the time is now, the place is Malaysia. 

从泥泞的红树林到薄雾笼罩的山脉,马来西亚多样化的热带地貌吸引了数百种候鸟。 马来西亚地处澳大拉西亚交叉迁徙路线上,这也使其成为 120 多种候鸟的寄居地。 在马来西亚半岛可观赏到 600 余种鸟类,在马来西亚婆罗洲可观赏到约 580 种鸟类,可以在公园和保护区随处见到各种鸟类,无怪乎马来西亚成为新兴的观鸟港。

半数以上马来西亚的土地覆盖着雨林或种植园。 马来西亚有多样性生物栖息地,丰富的鸟类可从其中选择栖息场所。 马来西亚雨林大致被分为三种不同的栖息地类型: 沿岸红树林、低地雨林和山地森林。

在海岸线边缘咸水和淡水交汇的地方有沼泽红树林生态系统,它是普通翠鸟等鸟类的栖息地。 包括淡水沼泽、泥炭和山地龙脑香科森林在内的低地雨林为 200 余种鸟类保留了最广大的栖息地,其中包括黄脸鹳 (Storm's Stork) 和绿皇鸠 (Green Imperial Pigeon)。

山地森林通常位于海拔 900 米以上的高度,山孔雀雉 (Mountain Peacock-Pheasant) 和绿绣眼鸟 (Mountain Blackeye) 等物种在这些高海拔地区的湿冷气候和低矮树林中繁衍。 虽然您可以在每个栖息集中观鸟,但不妨多走几个地方在不同的生态区域欣赏不同的鸟类。

美丽、奇异的鸟类多样性一定会让您惊奇不已,拍些照片,来了解这些令人羡慕的物种。 查阅有关 在马来西亚观鸟 或 在云顶高原观鸟的更多信息。